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  • Alex Taylor, Lead Editor: In his early 30s, Alex has a background in software development with a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge. Specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning, he's written for several prestigious tech publications. With a keen eye for new technologies and a penchant for deep technical details, Alex leads the team with a balanced mix of technical expertise and journalistic flair.

  • Christian Ahmer, aged 42, is a seasoned system administrator, web developer and a fervent advocate of open-source software. With an education in Information Technology from the University of Paderborn, Christian provides expertise on Linux distributions, open-source projects, and system administration tools and practices. He's also a faible for retro computing.

  • Daniel O'Sullivan, Cybersecurity Analyst: Late 40s, Daniel studied ethical hacking in Ireland and possesses extensive experience in the cybersecurity industry. He regularly writes about data privacy, security vulnerabilities, and defense strategies against cyber-attacks and is the go-to for advice on safe technology use.

  • Elena Petrova, Cloud & Enterprise Editor: Late 30s, with Russian roots and a degree in network technologies from the University of Amsterdam, Elena focuses on cloud computing, SaaS, and enterprise solutions. Her articles help small and medium-sized businesses to find and implement the best technologies for their needs.